Our Story & Mission

"The Beautiful Brown Rainbow" is the title of the first poem I wrote in 2010. A lot was going on in Washington DC's inner-city, like it does now, and I started expressing myself through poetry.  

"The Beautiful Brown Rainbow" Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Arts and Crafts company is excited about having a positive impact in the community.  Crafting is not only fun, it's therapeutic.  Our mission is to educate others and share ideas about various DIY projects.  We take pride in handcrafting products and our brand.   

Our logo is a giraffe and it is used to represent tethered cord syndrome (TCS) and means "Keep your head to the sky and your feet on the ground"!  Our daughter was diagnosed with TCS in early 2020 and had spinal surgery in December of 2020 at 15 months to untether her spinal cord.  Her scar, on her lower back, is a constant reminder of her rare neurological disorder and we hope to bring awareness to TCS.


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