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A dominoes tower falls in place, if designed correctly. I've always enjoyed dominoes. It's when I get to the table with a counter and it because challenging. Math is not my strong area. I need pen and paper, calculator, fingers, maybe even toes😂. I still enjoy the game!

My "perfectly imperfect" crafts are bringing me joy! Handmade is just that. There are minor imperfections. That makes a craft unique. No machines here...then again they make mistakes too🤷🏽‍♀️. My crafts are made with Love. I think All Creatives crafts are. It's the thought, the care, the patience, the creativity that goes into the project. #OneofAKind #TrustTheProcess #Patience #InDueTime #Community #ICantWaitToTeachThis #DIY #ArtsandCrafts #MadeInDC #BlueandBlack

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