So Grateful

I’m so excited about the opportunity to partner with DPR to provide candle-making fun classes! Their “Friday Night Hype” series is targeted at teenagers and young adults. It‘s summertime and a lot is going on in our city! Being a part of this series is so important to me. The first class was my first big class (about 13 people) and we had so much fun! I tried to have an age restriction😂. Didn’t happen🤷🏽‍♀️. When the “10-year-old “ stopped by and told me “I’m a teenage” because she wanted to make a candle, my heart melted. Kids were asking “are you coming back again” and “are you doing this all the time”? This is priceless! They were eager and enthusiastic about the process. It’s not just throwing some wax and smell good in a jar. It takes patience and it's something they created. It’s relaxing, fun and interesting. I will share the class information on this website under the "Events" tab and my social media pages. #Grateful #DontRushTheProcess #InDueTime #Community #ChildrenAreOurFuture #ArtsandCrafts🤎

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