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Another One♟️

I'm slowly taking on custom resin orders. I know it can be challenging so I'm taking my time. I don't advertise the service at the moment. However, if someone ask and I can take the task on, I'm doing it🤗. It takes about two weeks to complete everything, payment is due in advance and I'll share the project status with the customer along the way. I'm a one woman show☺️. Building a solid foundation takes time and I'm learning the importance of bookkeeping, policies and more. I'll be three years into my business next summer. My goal is to get better with time🤎. #DontRushTheProcess #PatienceIsImportant #BeASponge #DIY #ArtsandCrafts #SmallBusiness #ResinChessboard #CustomOrder #Handmade #PerfectlyImperfect

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