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My First High School Class

What can I say? It brings me so much joy to watch the youth get excited. I held my first class of 20 people yesterday and it was for a DC chartered high school (this was a first too). It was a moment I’ll never forget. I had about 16 teens and three teachers join the class. I’m learning as well. Every class is different and I love that. The best part of this journey is being able to work in my community. 🤎

”It Takes A Village”….the candle in this post was made by one of the students. I love the creativity he used decorating his mason jar & the message. It was plenty candles to see and I wish I could’ve taken more pictures of them. 🕯#FridayWellSpent #Community #HandcraftedSoyCandles #MadeInDC #DCBornandRaised #ItTakesAVillage #DoItYourself #BeCreative #LearnSomethingNew

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