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This Happened🤎☺️

I started the application process last year and didn’t finish it. I was introduced to “Made In DC” through a T&A I attended at the Anacostia Arts Center (great place for entrepreneurs by the way💯). I was also not familiar with the District of Columbia Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) office. DSLBD is also a great resource for small businesses.

I’m officially on the ”Made In DC” team! This means I have a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to it. We’re looking at the website, I‘m stocking up the candles, handcrafting a few resin projects and jewelry. Definitely up for this new venture. Patience, practice & consistency is key! #DontRushTheProcess #TrustIt #MadeInDC #ArtsandCrafts #Therapeutic #Community #ThisIsMadeInDC #IWasMadeInDCToo #Ward7 #BenningTerrace #SE

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