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Class at Bald Eagle Recreation Center

I truly feel like every class gets better😊. I learn more about myself each week and how I can make the next class better. I enjoy the process as well as being in the community. I can't thank Nkese enough for assisting me. It's great to collaborate with a fellow crafter & candle maker from DC. The partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation is priceless. Check out DPR's website to find a date that works for you. #Thankful#SoyCandleMaking#FullOfGratitude#SpreadJoy#EachOneTeachOne#Community#OneStepAtATime🤎

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I've been contemplating some things. First, I thank everyone that has supported me this far! You all Rock🤩! Secondly, I'm removing the candle sells from the website. I'll still participate in loc

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