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  • What is the difference in a wooden vs cotton wick?
    We make both cotton and wooden wick candles. The cotton wicks that we use are an excellent choice for soy and soy blend candles. They are made from all natural ring-spun cotton and are metal free. Our crackling wooden wicks burns cleaner and slower. Both must be trimmed, prior to relighting and both wicks can be easily broken off once the candle is cooled before relighting for an optimum burn.
  • Why does my soy candle look rugged sometimes instead of smooth when it solidifies after I light it?
    Since soy is natural, it tends to look rugged once it solidifies after a burn sometimes. This is completely normal and confirms that the soy wax is natural. Once the wick is trimmed and relit, the candle will burn awesomely.
  • Why do soy candles sweat sometimes (wet at the top)?
    100% soy wax is known for sweating and it's completely normal. A temperature change can make this happen and it does not affect the candle burn. Candles should be placed in cool and dry places. You can take a dry paper towel and dab the sweat off of the top of your candle prior to lighting if this is encountered.
  • Why is it important to trim a wick prior to relighting the candle?
    Trimming the wick is essential for a great candle-burning experience. Trim your wick to 1/4 inch prior to relighting, whether it's cotton or wooden. This ensures an optimal candle experience once the candle solidifies. Cotton wicks will mushroom and must be trimmed, while wooden wicks may not relight (as they don't mushroom) if left untrimmed. I use CD (Stabilo) wicks, and they tend to mushroom. Mushrooming occurs when carbon builds up, and the flame consumes more wax than it can burn. Trimming the wick between burnings is highly recommended. A too-high or flickering flame is dangerous and should be extinguished immediately.
  • Will the hot temperature damage soy candles?
    High temperatures can cause candles to melt and lose their shape. When the temperature is hot outside, it is not recommended to leave your candles in a location or vehicle (unless you have an insulated bag and parked in a shaded area) as soy candles are sensitive to excessive heat and direct sunlight. Typical melting point starts at 113 degrees Fahrenheit/ 45 degrees Celsius. To preserve the integrity of your soy candle, store at room temperature.
  • What kind of fragrances do you use?
    Fragrance oils that are 100% phthalate-free.
  • Do you hold personal, business and in-home workshops?
    Yes, we do. For additional information, email
  • Are your containers reusable?
    Yes, and they are easy to clean. My YouTube video is below showing the technique I use. There are others you can try as well.
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