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This year started off crazy for me. My newborn baby was in the intensive care unit for a week, my Mom passed away in January and this coronavirus just won’t go away. Things were happening so fast that I could barely think straight. Having a loving and supportive husband, along with family and friends, made things a little easier to deal with. I’m saying this to say that trials and tribulations come and it’s up to us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Being a pessimist never has been a character trait of mine. I was determined to be resilient is the mist of turmoil! I still have so much to be “Thankful” for and that’s what I decided to focus on. I finally found something, outside of my daily routine, to occupy my time. 🕯🪔#MindsetIsEverything #IMissMyMomDukes #KeepYourHeadToTheSky

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