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Candle Burning

Candle care is important to have an optimal candle burning experience. Soy wax has a memory and the first way the candle burns sets the burn pattern. It is important to burn your candle until the top is completely liquid. This will ensure that you will have an even burn with no tunneling around the wick. This may range from 1-4 hours, it depends on the the diameter of your candle vessel. It is not recommended to burn a candle more than 4 hours, at a time. Also avoid drafts from open windows, ceiling fans and air currents.

Last and definitely not least.....trim your wicks between each burning. Make certain that the candle is cooled before relighting.

P.S. Don’t be shocked if the candle isn’t smooth or as pretty after it solidifies from burning it. This is normal and just the way soy wax is. The fragrance throw and burn will be perfectly fine once it’s relit.

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