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I have my first official interview coming up. I found out about the Ward 7 Partnership from the Taste of Ward 7. Researching them further I found out about The Business Vision and Development Center. I reached out to Ms. Taylor & we are here. I can't be nothing except my authentic self. I'm not a video person...I take pics but the video is different. Thanks for making me feel comfortable Ms. Taylor and I appreciate you for spotlighting my business!

Tune in on October the 4th at 6pm. The link is below👇🏾. I'll also post on my social media and blog.

#DIY #Community #TetheredCordAwareness #Mompreneur #MadeInDC #Crafter #ArtsandCrafts #Therapeutic #Ward7 #EastofTheRiver 🙌🏾🤎🦒💪🏾🤩🥰💣

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