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Opportunity 🤩

What a wonderful experience! I am grateful to be one of the small businesses, east of the Anacostia River, to participate in the first cohort with "The Bridge Spot" kiosk👈🏾🙌🏾. The design and architecture are awesome, thanks to River East Design Center🌟. The business coaching and support have been great from Accenture💫. Anacostia Bid✨⭐️.... I thank you for offering this program to the community and for the support I've received. I am grateful and look forward to the December 9th and 10th weekend at the Downtown Holiday Market🛍️. The Downtown Holiday Market has been my dream since I've started this entrepreneurial journey!  Thank you!!🤎 #Mompreneur #HappyCrafter #KeepPushing #GoalDigger #ProgressOverPerfection #OneStepAtATime #TheBeautifulBrownRainbow🦒

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