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Wick Trimming🕯

I honestly never trimmed my wicks. Yes, I’m a candle lover and never trimmed before I started making candles. Now I know why I would get uneven burns and soot from the candles I would buy. It’s not like the warning label wasn’t there. I get it now. Taking that burnt part off the wick makes a world of difference in the way the candle burns. Our candles are made with care and trimming the wick in between burnings is the highly recommended when caring for your candle. Not only is it safer, it makes your candle experience so much better in many ways (for instance: even burn, longer burn time, little or no soot, fragrance throw consistent & great)...Please Trim Your Wick between burnings! ☺️🤎🕯

Music: New Horizons

Musician: Rafael Krux



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