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I never thought I would be where I am right now. My outlook regarding food has changed drastically. I've heard the term "food apartheid" and "food deserts" for the first time last year. I did not quite understand what it was. Being a resident of Ward 7 were I was raised and currently reside, I now understand what it mean. We are actively living in a "food desert" and experiencing "food apartheid" first hand. It's really disheartening and now I have to do my part to advocate as well in some capacity. Education is so important and I wish I knew what I know now earlier. However, it's better late than never. I now understand what it mean. I want to learn to garden. Any gardening pro's please share tips☺️. 🌽🥦🥗🥒🥕🌱🍆 I came across two great documentaries on Netflix. I'm sharing them too. #EatToLive #ReadYourIngredients #HealthIsWealth #CommunityMatters #OneStepAtATime

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