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Rose Petals Wax Melts

New fragrance alert!!!🚨 I ordered “Rose Petals“ fragrance oil to see how I will like it. I purchased some heart molds, prior to, since I know Valentine’s Day is coming (My Mom Dukes birthday🙏🏾😇 ). I made my first batch without color, this morning. These wax melts are a nice size and cute.☺️ I’ll make my next batch with red color. Once I finish, I‘ll allow them to cure for at least one week. After that, I’m testing one. 🤎🤎❤️❤️🕯🕯🌹🌹 #HomemadeSoyWaxMelts #RosePetals #Hearts #Love #HotCocoa #ValentinesDayIsComing #RedGlitter

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