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Every day someone loved one is getting murdered by senseless gun violence in DC. One of my closest friends lost her nephew 2 days ago. This senseless violence has to stop!

I wrote “The Beautiful Brown Rainbow” poem because I felt our children didn’t know just how beautiful they are! We have to figure out a way to change the way some think of themselves. The lack of love and self-knowledge is what I think contributes to this ugly perception some have of themselves that’s causing this violence in our communities. It starts with us making sure that they know they are not invisible! I grew up in Simple City, I saw the violence and crack epidemic, destroy our community, first hand. We lost so many to gun violence in the 90’s and we still are in 2020. This has to stop and gentrification should not be the answer to ”clean up” our community. I want and need to be a part of the solution. It’s giving “Hopelessness” in these streets. We should never get immune to this. 😔😔...#RIPMike

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