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Who Loves Fall?

Preparing these homemade soy cozy fragrances for the cool fall days and nights. I’ve added some new fragrances and they will all be included in my Fall collection. #ComingSoon

  1. Hot Apple Pie - Smells like a homemade apple pie is baking in the oven. Makes me want a piece of pie. Nice and subtle.

  2. White Birch - This is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I loved the way this fragrance filled my home while making it. So earthy and fresh!

  3. Apple and Maple Bourbon - Light and sweet. Perfect for a nice crisp day in the fall.

  4. Brown Sugar Vanilla - Sweet aroma that is a perfect mix of two fragrances. Can’t go wrong with this fragrance.

  5. Lemon Pound Cake - This one already has a fan club. This fragrance is a year around aroma. This fragrance smell just like a fresh lemon 🍋 pound cake.

  6. Vanilla Chestnut - Once again, you can’t go wrong with this aroma if you are a vanilla or chestnut lover. Sweet aroma that will fill a room.

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